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Olympic mountains

Bosnia’s Olympic mountains around Sarajevo are a must for winter sport enthusiasts. Adnan Bubalo takes you on a tour of Bjelašnica, Igman & Jahorina mountains.

If you decide to spend your winter holidays in one of the Olympic Mountains in the vicinity of Sarajevo, you will most certainly be happy with your choice. No matter whether you are interested in an active vacation or just want to enjoy some of the wellness centers in the mountain hotels, the range of offers is wide.

In 1984, the Winter Olympic Games were held in a Socialist country for the first and only time.

Since then, the Western Balkan region has drastically changed in the geopolitical, economic, and every other sense. What has remained constant is the natural beauty and hospitality of the region’s people.

If you love the mountains, even if you are not that much into sports, you can enjoy these Olympic Mountains in many different ways.

Whether you’re interested in alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowsnowshoeing, ski touring, winter hiking, snowmobiling, snow biking, hiking or simply wish to behold beautiful views and enjoy relaxed visits to the peaks of the mountains once taken there by a two-seater funicular, these mountains hold something special in store for everyone.

Jahorina, Bjelašnica and Igman are places where the overwhelming majority of contests were held during the XIV Winter Olympic Games.

Night skiing on Bjelašnica

Today, they are popular tourist destinations offering various attractions; you can learn to ski on easy trails, heat yourself up on the medium-heavy, or raise your adrenalin on the far more challenging professional runs.

If you want to try skiing, snowboarding or other disciplines, these ski centres offer you the opportunity to do so with professional and licensed trainers. Here you can also rent equipment and use services for repair of equipment.

Ski centre Bjelašnica-Igman includes three ski resorts: Babin Do, Veliko Polje and Malo Polje. Babin Do is located on Mount Bjelašnica while Malo Polje and Veliko Polje are situated on Mount Igman.

Bjelašnica is situated south-west of Sarajevo, at a distance of only 25 km; Igman is even closer, a mere  22 km away  from Sarajevo.

Trails in Babin Dol belong at the top of European ski-slopes. There, you have 7 ski-lifts, which will take you up to the top of Bjelašnica to a height of 2,067 AMSL, where you can also enjoy night skiing every day from 18:30 to 21:00 hrs. For children’s entertainment there is the Baby Ski Park (in Štitnji  Dol), where professional coaches provide them with their first ski lessons.

Veliko Polje ski resort is located in an oasis of pine trees, so needless to say the quality of air is extremely high, making it renowned throughout Southeastern Europe. The trails in Veliko Polje are also open for both day and night skiing.

Malo Polje  is located in a quiet valley, making it an ideal location for ski-school for children. In Malo Polje there are 4 baby ski lifts. For those more experienced there is also a two-seat lift.

Jahorina is located southeast of Sarajevo, some 28 km from the city. The highest peak of Jahorina, Ogorjelica, is at 1,916 AMSL. This mountain has more than 20 kilometers of ski slopes for alpine skiing. Olympic Centre Jahorina has five funiculars, two modern six-seat funiculars, three two-seaters, three ski lifts and two children’s ski lifts.

You can use public transportation to reach it, so you can combine a stay in the mountains with day or night visits to Sarajevo.

On these Olympic beauties you can find a number of quality hotels and apartments ready to host visitors.

In the heart of  Bjelašnica there are numerous apartments waiting for you as well as many hotels such as Han and Marshall, while the most popular hotels in Jahorina are Vučko,Termag, Lavina, and Bistrica.

When to all of this you add very low prices compared to the average prices at other European ski centres, it is clear that fun over here is guaranteed.