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Sarajevo Insider was first established as a team of highly trained professionals who are well in touch with the tourism industry, and have been in the tour operation business for over 15 years. Equipped with vast knowledge and endless love towards the country and its amazing history, we present our country and city with passion, professionalism and enthusiasm.

As ambassadors of the city of Sarajevo, we take it on ourselves to make our guests’ visit much more enjoyable and memorable.

We provide customized holiday packages, tours and excursions that will give our guests the chance to truly experience the country and have an unforgettable experience.
Our team is devoted to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to make sure our guests feel at home and amongst their friends. Attention to detail and learning about our guests’ needs and interests is what gave us the competitive edge for over fifteen years and counting.

Serving clients from over 100 countries, and speaking over 10 languages, our team connects on a personal level with all our guests and their cultures and traditions.
Allow us to welcome you to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and let us give you the adventure of a life time.